Wasn't too clear on how to go about this but tried to follow the instructions.

my steps, installed it as a totally new item.
after install with master and child i then imported the old 1.5.7 version into the child.

however after that i've gotten this

tried to merge and nothing goes away.
so my question would be, how do i update but without losing my custom edits?
The old versions have been deleted out of the system.
does independent mean this?

because that's how i did it, then deleted all of the styles except the default.
Then installed the current version. Once done i then imported the older over the newer (child to child).
i'm on 1.5.9 previously to doing this i was on 1.5.7.
Would you be able to create me a temp login with just appearance access? Like this via users -> create admin:

I can take a better look.

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