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I've started experimenting with the newest FlatAwesome+ style update and have come across a minor quirk with the sticky navigation bar. There is a box-shadow that is applied across the entire width of the browser even when publicNavSticky is set to the first or second choice (any choice excluding 'None'). A vanilla XenForo .less template is the cause of the box-shadow, however it just looks a bit strange in FlatAwesome+ as the publicNav styling is applied to .p-nav which does not necessary span the full browser width.

To reproduce, open the following link in a browser window wider than pageMaxWidth and begin scrolling: Awesome Plus

Prior to upgrading from 2.1.5 to 2.1.10, the following CSS used to be applied in xb_header.less:
<xf:elseif is="property('xbStretchNav') == 'stretchnone'" /> {
    box-shadow: none;
It looks like I goofed the FA+ release a bit. Sticky nav wasn't enabled period and stretch nav was!

I've pushed out a patch, you can just download the new zip and it should be corrected.
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