Matthew S

Hi @Russ and @Steve.

Say, does the image slider at the bottom of the demo require Media Gallery, or can it be configured with a set of specific images (or other options)?

In the demo, I note the forum stats show twice: in the sidebar and in the footer. I imagine it's easy to choose which to keep if I only want one?

Speaking of the footer, it's four configurable blocks?

Is recolouring fairly straight forward? I really loved the free 1.5 version (thanks!) but it seems like I spent an age tracking down all the little things I needed to change.

I'm looking to add seamless tiled background images (one for light, one for dark). Is this easy enough to do, and will it mess up the responsiveness? I have my eye on something like this that will be recoloured: https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty...t-board-pattern-seamless-blue-vector-17074832

With the light and dark options, I figure it's just two separate styles, right? I'm just thinking about installation and parent/child setup.

I know you do your best to be compatible with add-ons - you're generally up with Bob's stable releases? If I grab his AMS 2.0.0 RCx releases, am I asking for trouble with style support?

  • Image slider at the bottom is simply a widget that's included in the Media Gallery, you can add them wherever you want.

Yes sidebar is a widget and the footer is our custom blocks.

Recoloring in 2.0 in general is much easier. We try to keep things simple via the color palette but if you're wanting to change specific things you can always ask and we'll point you in the right direction. Additionally, we have "Design mode": https://pixelexit.com/documentation/getting-started/ if you view the gif there it essentially gives you pointers on what's available for style properties. Makes things pretty easy to change :).

As long as the pattern is repeatable it should be fine

Light/dark yes, simply child styles. We ship our styles with 2 different options to do light/dark combos. Parent XML's where you can have:

  • Flat Awesome + Light (DO NOT EDIT)
    • Light style (all your edits go here)
  • Flat Awesome + Dark (DO NOT EDIT)
    • Dark style (all dark edits go here)

  • Flat Awesome + Light (DO NOT EDIT)
    • Light style (all your edits go here)
      • Dark child style we include

Which route you take kind of depends on how dramatic the two styles may be, bottom method is easiest.

We try not to divert too far from default XenForo so add-on compatibility should be easy. Bob runs all of his add-ons on our styles as it is so you're good there :).

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