Cannot Reproduce Floating nav bar + non-floating sub-nav bar = no sub-nav bar


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While browsing my website, I noticed that the sub-nav bar disappears when I scrolled to the top of the page. I'm not sure of what causes the issue, but I started noticing it since the last upgrade.

Is there any more info I can provide to troubleshoot or is there anything that can be done to fix this? Thanks all!


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What browser/os are you using?

I just tried on Windows 10 Chrome/Edge/Firefox and once you reach the top of the page the sub-nav re-appears as it should.


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Can you inspect the header area using firefox's inspector:


Do you see this fixed class being added and removed when you scroll down/up to the top


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I found it, but when I scroll around, it doesn't seem like it's removed. The fixed class remains wherever I am on the page.
It should show always if you scroll down just a tiny bit. Does it not go away when you get back to the top?

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