Fixed Floating Navigation not working for moderators whe

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When a forum is specified in:
Home > Options > User Discouragement and Discipline > Send Reports into Forum
the reporting center is disabled in xenforo. I believe this is what's causing the floating navigation to stop working for moderators only.

I've verified this in chrome and firefox.

Enabling Floating Moderator Bar sort of gets it to work, but there is a blank space above the navigation bar.
It looks like Disabling the reporting center also disables the moderator bar. I can work around the issue by Enabling Floating Moderator Bar and setting Moderator Bar CSS height to 0.


Pixel Exit Staff
I'm on my phone right now but just digging for more detail, so with the reporting center gone the bar disappears completely? Are you logged into an admin account?


Pixel Exit Staff
I see what's going on, in moderator_bar template the:

<xen:require css="moderator_bar.css" />
is outside the content check, the content check is there to see if any content should be display up there. So.. the CSS was applying no matter what even if the moderator had no content to display.

This is fixed in 1.5.7

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