We're getting quite a few users complaining about the fonts looking extremely low quality (primarily on "old" and low resolution devices).

I know Chrome has/had an issue but is there anything else that we can do?

I'm still collecting info from people with the problem but can post some screenshots later if that helps.
Are you using the default fonts shipped out with core? It uses Open Sans which from my testing renders pretty good out of all the google fonts. You could change the fonts globally by going to: [XB] General Setup.
Chrome has it's good releases and bad, apparently back in July/August they sent out a patch which "fixed it" but it didn't seem as good as FireFox rendering. Could it be they're blocking the webfont call by chance and it's reverting to a fallback font. Maybe go to the Open Sans and add at the end:

, Arial

So it'll fall back to it. I should do it for the next release in actuality.

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