Hi there,

I am having a problem with the style's footer. The columns are not well aligned (as seen in below pic). Please advise how to correct this issue. Thank you.



Hi again Russ. I had to remove the footer from the live forum, to the discomfort of my new members. I hope you had a look already :rolleyes:

The tablet version is also distorted, as seen below. Thanking you for much needed support. :)


Pixel Exit Staff
Hey leo13, ya we're sorry our new version of XenBase comes with multiple footers(much better coding on them).

Here's a preview of them, we're really close to a new release on them.

This is on the core style, however the footer will be globally on all our styles.

core1.jpg core2.jpg core3.jpg core4.jpg


Okay great, footer looks good. I hope we get email notifications upon new releases.

Anyways, your styles are very good Russ. Keep on the good work (y)

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