I've been playing with Bolt and come across an issue with the stats footer blocks. When I switch the Page setup to Classic or boxed the footer blocks merge with the background.

This is Default layout
bolt normal footer.PNG
This is Classic layout, same with boxed
bolt boxed footer.PNG

I assume it's beacuse the stats background is white and the page background is white. Tested this using the Bolt (Parent DO NOT EDIT) style
It's really just how it's displayed, same with the other content blocks. Switching to those mode, when the background of the container matches the content most of the content will blend in that method. I could apply some CSS just to those contains but honestly it's really meant to match the content background.

For now, I'd just use some custom CSS if you want to change it:

.custom-stats [data-widget-key="forum_overview_forum_statistics"] .block-container .pairs.pairs--justified { background: #CCC; }

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