Forum and thread types node icon are not supported. Should Article nodes, Question nodes and Suggestion nodes Should have unique icons to distinguish them from regular Discussion nodes.

This in extra.less will adjust it for now:

.fa-question-circle:before {
    content: "\f059" !important;
.fa-lightbulb-on:before {
    content: "\f672" !important;
.fa-file-alt:before {
    content: "\f15c" !important;
But Xenforo Default style support showing Node type icon without adding any CSS code. When we change Node type then Node icons should be updated based from Node type settings.
@Nirjonadda I said "this will adjust it for now" and left your bug report open. Therefore, I'll look at the adjustment :).

XF also doesn't let you choose a unique icon for the forums like our framework does. That's where the conflict is happening.
Might be an add-on you're running.

Default class = .fa-question-circle

Class on your forum = .fa-question

I don't think XF has a way of changing that out of the box, so it could be the add-on. Just change the CSS to reflect.
Is the issue you're having still with the additional node type for questions and answers?

As I mentioned, the class name is different on your forum. I'm guessing the add-on is replacing the default XF class with a different class name. If an add-on comes in and changes classes around on elements it's not something I'm going to support at all. If you choose to use an add-on that changes the default XF classes then you need to apply adjustments as it's unique to the site that runs that add-on.

The left side is your site, Right side is default XF.
Your site has the class icon name = fas fa-question
Default XF setup has the class icon name = fa--xf far fa-question-circle

I've tried all the Font Awesome weight and my CSS works just fine on it.

My CSS I provided above in post #2 should work on any forum NOT running that plugin.

Final notes to clarify:
  1. I will be fixing our node icon CSS to not target the additional node types (QnA/Articles/Suggestions).
  2. I'll make it so if you leave our node icons blank, it won't load the CSS which will inherit the default XF icon setup
  3. I will not be adding in additional classes to our CSS because a plugin decides to change the default class.

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