XF 1.x Forum List & Category Nodes


Pixel Exit Staff
Technically if there's an odd number of nodes inside a category the last one will span 100%, we did this to avoid any white space and believe it looks better. However your screenshot is a little confusing because "2" is dual column which none of those appear to be.

Do you have a site this is going on at? I checked the one your license is attached too and it appears to be working like it should.


Pixel Exit Staff
May want to add this into your extra.css too:

.XenBase .sectionMain.ctaFtContainerPage {
background-color: rgb(23, 23, 23);
border: 1px solid rgb(58, 58, 58);
.XenBase .nodeList .node.level_1 {
overflow: visible;
For featured threads, I'm sure he has a property for it but I'm not sure of the location off the top of my head. It also will fix your xmas icons

I'm seeing this:


Which is as designed with this layout, last node if there's an odd amount of nodes will span 100%


Pixel Exit Staff
The first CSS corrects your featured threads, it's currently a white background on your featured threads page.

The second bit of css makes it so your christmas icons won't cut off.

As for your issue at hand, I've mentioned it before odd nodes span 100%.

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