This may be more suited for but I find you guys a little more friendly here -

My current set up is the following - - Literally just a splash page that serves no purpose. - forum

When viewing a thread, the URL would be something similar to

With the new solution of creating a nice front page portal, ideally, I'd like to have my home page situated at the domain root - - Home page with articles etc. - The forum/discussion board

For SEO purposes, and the fact that I have a lot of threads linked on social media - threads would need to remain the same structure -

Is this possible? How much work would this be, and would there be any drawbacks for my members?

Thank you!
There are a few options you could consider. The first step though would involve moving the forum into the root. I'm assuming you do this fairly easily, but I'd definitely check with the official XF forum. It'd require a htaccess edit: step 5 and 6, and a route filter to change forums -> discussions.

Once it's in the root, you could use:
Pixel Exit's home page is just a custom page node with some custom HTML / CSS / widgets.
Thank you. I'll give this a read through and decide my options. I'd probably go with the page node using widgets, it seems pretty good thus far.

Thanks for the advice. I have another thread in this forum I made yesterday evening if you get time to take a look. You're always so helpful.

Thank you

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