Trying to locate any settings that relate to the forum stats box at the bottom of BoltV2 but not having much joy!
Where abouts do I need to look for this?
We use the stock stats widget but add custom styling to it. So technically you could edit: widget_forum_statistics and remove anything you don't want.

You could also take a CSS only approach:

.custom-stats [data-widget-key="forum_overview_forum_statistics"] .block-container
dl.pairs.pairs--justified.count--threads { display: none; }
dl.pairs.pairs--justified.count--messages { display: none; }
dl.pairs.pairs--justified.count--users { display: none; }
.block-body dl:last-of-type { display: none; }

The last line there with the important is the last user, there's no unique class to hide that. Just to be clear, the CSS above will hide ALL elements. You just need to remove the CSS for the blocks you want to use.
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Hi Russ,
Many thanks for that.
I've added the above CSS into my extra.less - however the only block it hides is the 'New posts today' - everything else is still visable. Was hoping to hide everything, then have a play around with what works/looks best.
That sounds like an add-on because it's not default inside XF stats block. I'd need to see it live to grab the class for you. Feel free to start a ticket if you don't want to share the URL here.
Now i'm confused! I've got this, can't see any add-ons relating to it either.

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