Vince Taglia

How do you do them now? Just updated and tried to use the old method:

To add a wallpaper to a particular color, open up that specific css file such as:


and add this into it:

html {
background: url("linktowallpaper") no-repeat fixed center top #000000;


Pixel Exit Staff
background:url("../images/war.jpg") no-repeat fixed center top #000000; !important;

is this right? cuz i'm still not getting a background to show up

Depending on where you put your image it could be right, however if you put it into styles/fusiongamer/xenforo/images

for the image url you'd use @imagePath/xenforo/images/war.jpg


Pixel Exit Staff
Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup

The backstretch option there includes the backgrounds. You can adjust the speed/fade of it there as well.

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