First sorry for my bad english its possible to change the back ground to something fadeout or transparent that why we can see all the background img also news dont show calander on the block just say yestarday i want to see like clander days.
I thought I seen @Russ reply to this - anyhow you would need to add transparncey to the primaryContent colors, and most likely secondaryContent.

Don't understand what you mean by News / Calendar? Could you give us a screenshot?
Sorry the calendar i talking about the xenporta you see the little calendar on news on the left or right site sure let me take some and the transparency i want on almost all site content, forums, widgets
Calendar is handled by xenporta

To make the blocks transparent you going to have to search in the extra.css for the blocks you would like transparent then add this code to extra.css.
to make the block more or less transparent change the 60
Thankyou for the opacity stuff, now about calendar i check the option on xenporta to push calendar but it not working here some pictures CALENDAR.png CALENDAR2.png and this
I removed it by default actually, you'll need to revert the "EWR_xenPorta_RecentNews" template(I think it's called that), however the styling is a little ugly to be honest. Which is why I shipped it with a customized one.
Where is the extra.css ? Been looking for it using my filezilla ftp.
I have no problem editing files like that but it is invisable for my eyes.
Just tired searching for it...

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