i am planning to upgrade to XF 2.1, actually we use your "Gamer Time"-Style in XF1, any chance that this will be a XF 2.0 Style? Other templates seems to be converted, but not "Gamer Time" :(

No plans to release Gamer Time as it's own style.... BUT!

We do include certain older styles as child styles for some of our releases. Flat Awesome has Adara + Zipped as an example.

For our next update, I'll include this into our "Nova". style. This is a child style you install directly under Nova, obviously has some differences but I feel it captures the essence of the older Gamer Time style.

Sorry, should have clarified this is going in the next update. We're still on the same version as we were when I originally posted my first response. If you want to submit a ticket I'll gladly provide the XML for you.

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