Google Lighthouse CLS


Anyone notice that XF sites suffer from CLS as seen if you run Lighthouse on your site? Is this an XF issue or PE style issue?
Nova. Problems with every other thing. But CLS - 0.

To be fair @Anatoliy , you'll see those "problems with every other thing" on a default style. Just want to make that clear for users who see this randomly thinking it's a Nova / Pixel Exit style issue.

I've posted screenshots of various tests comparing our XenBase style to a stock XF stock.

@dethfire You're using logo inside the navigation otherwise I'd say maybe you could try putting a height value on the logo (this was brought up recently).

Past that, no we don't insert objects to make the page change that dramatically. Slow loading of google fonts could cause a SLIGHT change but I believe google allows for a minimal movement.

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