Before submitting a bug report we usually recommend trying to replicate the problem on a default XenForo style(if applicable) to eliminate the possibility of it being a bug related to our styles.

Done...on XF Default it works fine

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If Member click on the goto first unred or if people click on notifications they get send somewhere in the thread but not to the first unread or the notified post.

I use Blackened Pro and Core 1.5.6. with XenBase 1.5.6. on Xenforo 1.5.6.

How to solve that ?

Thx in advance


Pixel Exit Staff
most of them
Mike has made a comment on this in the past and somewhats what is happening is XF tries to calculate the position of the post prior to images being loaded, so a user may get to a certain point real quick then is shifted because images are loaded.

I've tried reproducing it using your general setup( floating nav, message header ect) and I can't quite do it.


Member works with the default style and it works with other styles (e.g. from Audentio) and my members get confused.
I need somehow a solution for that.
What i did now is to cache the images at least for a year in the .htaccess file, following your description this could help...we'll see...


Pixel Exit Staff
I've mentioned this before, you can try disabling the floating navigation to see if it helps. I've seen a report once/twice before but I could never actually reproduce it.


Pixel Exit Staff
So I've found a way to easily reproduce this problem, unfortunately it does it on a stock style as well. I don't really know of a work around either... but I'm open to ideas.

Essentially it's happening often in threads that your browser hasn't fully rendered the images. If you browse the threads normally and have seen all of the images and your browser has those cached you won't notice any problems. The problem is I think XF grabs the post location when you load the page, but for users going to a new post may of not seen recent images and their browser initially loads looking like this:


(I have an image after every bit of my text)
I caught this right as the page was loading, XF starts like this and loads the images in. I think what is happening that it's not taking into account the final height of all of these images. and putting you at the position of the post where it initially thinks it is, prior to pushing the window down.

I know a few of you have said you can only replicate it on our styles... but I'd venture to say that if:

  • You go to a thread with quite a few LARGE images (~10), preferably a single page thread, do a hard refresh ctrl-f5 for windows and immediately leave the thread or close that tab.
  • Next use a test account in a different browser to reply to your thread with the screenshots
  • Next go to your main browser and click on the thread from the thread list. Ideally you should go to the new post... but it's off all the time.
If you do these steps on any style I think you'll find you can replicate the problem.

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