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Hi ..

When I wish to close the sidebar, I see when hover over the icon for doing that, the text - Close or Open Sidebar - is that text hardcoded somewhere - I can't find as a phrases.

If yes to hardcoded - If possible, where do I alter it over to danish instead?
Open up the "breadcrumb" template, search for: Close or Open Sidebar

We can add this as a style property for the next release to avoid manual edits.
Hi ..

Got one more - I'm not sure if it related to Flat Awesome+.. In the sidebar I see online users. Click on one, in this case - kej


I got this user overlay popup. And here I have the word - from - I can't find anywhere in phrases - so I have to ask, is this hardcoded in some Flat Awesome template?


If so - can you please give a hint..

Thanks in advance.

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