I've added a background on the header of Core and I activated the fixed navigation. I've added this in EXTRA.css:
    background: #1a1a1a url('@imagePath/xenforo/custom/header_bg.png');
And when I scroll, this is what is happening: http://screencast.com/t/76R4cXYNX


Pixel Exit Staff
I'll take a closer look tomorrow to see what's possibly going on(I can't get it like that on my dev site).

Can you disable the logo-as-text and test it.


Pixel Exit Staff
For now instead of applying the background to the #logoBlock, apply it to:

#headerMover #header

and make it so the background-repeat is: repeat-x


Pixel Exit Staff
It's one way to achieve it, but ideally I would avoid editing the default css templates, and just add your css to extra.css


Pixel Exit Staff
I know this is an older thread but it turns out there was a bug relating to this. It was adding a margin-top to the logo area when the floating navigation was enabled. It was only suppose to do this if the navigation was above the logo area.

This has been fixed for 1.4.4.

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