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The Core Dark header is quite strange looking. How can I fix this?


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OK, that fixed the header but now it's exactly like the light style. In other words it's a light style now not a dark one.

How to make it a dark style? Which color pallettes should get changed? I believe at least that's the way to do it.
Setup the styles like this:

  • XenBase
    • Core
      • Custom Style(name it whatever)
      • Core Dark.xml and name it custom style dark(no need for a child here)

You could technically set the Core Dark as a child of custom style but because the color palette changes it could cause more issues when you change your custom style.
I have the Dark version as a child of the light version and the dark version is an exact duplicate of the light. In other words, if one didn't know better one would just think it's a light version.
I'd probably need to see the site with appearance access @Boone, if you're importing the Core-Dark.xml as a child of the Core.xml it will show as a dark style.

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