I am having trouble finding where the header images are located.
I found the main one and and was able to insert our primary header. But I can't find where the "Bolt Logo and text" is located. I've circled it in green

I use the design tool and it points me to the Navigation row and Header Logo row but I can't find an image anywhere to add or delete.

I did find the 'site' logo in the basic options but if I delete that, I get 'missing logo' default image inserted instead. (I really like the 'revert settings' feature, that really helps a newbie).

Can anyone give me a quick understanding of this logo feature, what it does and how to delete it from a custom header area

That's a little strange behaviour going on. The logo property to define the logo is just default XF properties, Style properties -> Basic options.

We have an option inside of Style properties -> Header and navigation which allows you to place the logo inside the navigation.

I may need to see the style live to give a recommendation on the best approach you have.
Just opened a ticket on this and set up login credentials for you.

When I initially purchased the program and began playing with it, prior to buying the Bolt license, I tried to remove this same image and ran into the exact same issues.

It is probably something I'm doing wrong, my experience is with SMF and vBulletin, Xenforo is new to me. If I am inserting and using header images, I would appreciate any feedback from you.

Thanks for your help

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