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I have a few issues im trying to iron out i would like the banner the height at what is shown in the image not just the blue part the the part that isnt covered also,

the problem im having it getting the blue to fill the blank space above and how do i remove the bad image to the left as when i removed it completely it just shows my website title as plain text




Hey @Maxxamillion

I'm currently out of town and don't have access to my PC.

With that said, the broken logo image.

Go to Header and Navigation -> Settings and remove the logo path to a image.

As for the blue banner, add the path to that in the Header property and set the background color to your desired blue color.

Footer links can be edited in the style properties.

[XB] - Footer -> Settings

There is 2 text fields, edit those for each column.


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thanks steve, what i wish to do with the header is make it larger i wont be using a plain image so changing the background colour wouldnt work, i wish to make it bigger and have the header image fit perfectly at the top and not have the gap

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