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How can i fill the gap on the picture below please i have circled the area i mean


  • gap.png
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Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Navigation Tabs Container, padding left controls that area. Remove the padding to remove the gap.
You have two things loading for navTabs:


Can you search for .navTabs

To see if you've placed any manual edits, the template will show up red if you've made changes to it. Could be in your extra.css.
Well wherever you found that navTabs in your custom CSS I'd personally remove it and just use the style property. Use the property to control the background.
Navigation Tab isn't the same as Navigation Tabs Container. Nav tab will control each individual block, so you're setting a background color on each link. The Container is the entire navigation area. You'd only want to set a background color on the tabs themselves if you wanted it to have a different look than the nav tabs container.

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