Please can you let me know that how can Hide Section Header of a Node with CSS code? I have disabled posting (Allow new messages to be posted in this forum) the main node for utilizing the child nodes to categorize the threads. How to remove the section header of the a particular parent node. I also want to know how to hide (You have insufficient privileges to post here.) message of a particular parent node.

Sorry for the delay, this was posted in the wrong section (General Discussion), I've moved it to the support area.

[data-template="forum_view"] .block-filterBar {
    display: none;
[data-template="forum_view"] .block-outer-opposite {
    display: none;

This will hide the filter bar + the button down there saying you have no permission.
This work but this also hide this Header where have permission for post thread and already have a thread. If this possible hide only for no permission forum? Also can be hide Mark read, Watch Nav bar?

There's no easy approach to that, you'll just need to find the node ID:

[data-container-key="node-142" ]
.block-filterBar, .block-outer-opposite
{ display: none; }

142 being your node id. There's no easy way to do permission-based for various groups on specific elements like this.

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