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If you don't mind to share this information, I would love to know what you're using to power your homepage here. Is this a plugin, or what? Have found xenPorta, but I count it as expensive for my minimal needs. I just want to be able to add a static HTML page as homepage. Don't need dynamic data for which xenPorta is a must.

Also I seen that you've different icons per forum in forumlist. Is this also a plugin?

Thank you
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Thank you for your prompt attention. Really appreciated. My last try now to use xF. Working since 2001 with vB seems that is almost impossible to work with any other forum software even the best (except xF I also have IPB and WBB).

I used CTA Homepage and I was able to setup a homepage. But now as you can see in my site the Home tab appears twice. Is this from EDGE template or I did something wrong with the other plugin?

Thanks in advance
You probably need to remove the home page option set in:

Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Home Page URL

Since the plugin adds its own navigation tab.

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