hello it seems this question is need to be adressed to you
that is the case
can you help me with that
this is the thread


Pixel Exit Staff
You may wish to disable that function until it's sorted.

Style properties -> Messages -> Thread starter.

We use a very simple conditional to achieve this. I'm not sure why it would cause issues with your specific setup.

            <xf:if is="$post.user_id == $thread.user_id AND property('xbThreadStarter') AND $post.post_id != $thread.first_post_id">
                <li class="tag-threadStarter"><span class="message-newIndicator message-threadStarter">{{ phrase('thread_starter') }}</span></li>

It checks if the reply post user id matches the thread user id, then checks if the option is enabled, finally if it's not the first post.

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