I really wasn't worried about doing this, but somehow when I finally got the FA icons added to the Post Ratings links in the member drop down, it also added them to the nav bar links. So now Post Ratings are the only 2 links with an icon..

Could you instruct me on how to add some to the other links? Would it be specific templates?
Forgot it adds that to the sub-nav too...

Sub-nav for the account area can be found in navigation_visitor_tab
You can look for:
<ul class="secondaryContent blockLinksList">
and the sub-nav is listed beneath it.

For the bookmarks you'll need to find the template, I believe it's: bookmarks_navigation_tabs_account

Or you could hide the FA icon in the sub-nav only:
.selected .tabLinks li .fa {
display: none;
Cool, I'll just remove it until I have more time to mess around and get it how I would like.

BTW, I stole your css for the "Trophy Drop-down" thingy.... I never noticed it on this site before, but its pretty sweet. I use the PE Gamer Profiles as well, so its nice to have the clean look until you hover over and then they appear!
Yep that't it... I didn't realize it was posted over there. Just happened to see it here and used inspect element to copy the css.
We're pretty open about what we code, not ones to hide it at all
And yes, you 2 are awesome with the support you give the community.. Whether its here, TAZ, or XF.com I see you 2 providing quality help more than anybody else. Thank you for that!

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