how to adjust color in demo

Brandon Trussell

Active Member

I am very interested in your themes. I would like to test the style customization options in Core and possibly FlatAwesome, is that possible? If so, please let me know how to access those customization features.

Also, I would like to inquire about enlisting your assistance to customize the header and footer of Core to fit our existing site. It's a very straightforward header so it shouldn't be a big deal. The site we need to match is here:

Please let me know what you charge for customization services and what your turnaround time would be.

Thank you!

Our demo board is actually more for just basic viewing of the style, we don't allow users to customize anything as it'd require you to have admin access.

FA+ would be closer and easier to achieve something like your current style. We can match your header and footer to the best of our abilities so if you'd like a quote just submit a request here:

As for the color scheme of your site, you could update a few color properties on our style to match it pretty close out of the box.

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