I'm getting old, and I can't remember where I saw to change these. After upgrading to XB 1.4 it appears that the stick pin icon, thread lock icon etc are FA icons, but I can't see where to change the color of them etc. Thanks for your help!
Its hard coded at the moment and may warrant a property soon, template xb_retina.css.
You can edit it in that template, and problems you can just revert.
.discussionListItem .iconKey .locked:before,
.discussionListItem .iconKey .sticky:before,
.discussionListItem .iconKey .watched:before,
.discussionListItem .iconKey .moderated:before,
.thread_view .threadAlerts .lockedAlert .icon:before
    color: @contentText;
@Solari just double checking this is for XF 1.x correct, not the 2.x product?

Edge has a built-in color scheme for the icons there, you can disable those: Style Properties -> Edge Properties -> Alternate Icon Key, uncheck this.
Sorry, I was referring to X1.5 yes...

I actually prefer the Edge icons, I just want to change the color of the sticky one in particular by itself. Is this possible?


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