Anne Moss

We're using Flat Awesome+ and I'd like to tweak the color of the editor's buttons when they are pressed. Right now, the difference between a "pressed" button and one that is not is not pronounced enough -

Our users are asking for something that's easier to spot, maybe a darker shade of gray. I'm not sure where I need to be looking to do that?

Also, the smilies button doesn't show any indication of being pressed. As you can see in the screenshot, the smilies are showing up but the button remains exactly the same. Is there a way to change that and apply a visual change to the button when it's pressed?

Otherwise if you're in the middle of writing a long post and need to use a smilie, if you're not sure if you had already opened up the smlies, there's no way to tell from the editor buttons. Clicking again may just hide the smilies instead. You have to scroll down and check. An indication in the smilies button would be very helpful.
You can change them here:

Style Properties: Rich Text Editor -> Editor Toolbar Button (Hover) / (Active)

Although with the smilies there's no class change on the button when you click it, so I don't know of a way to show it being... "activated" while it's open and not while it's not open. if that makes sense :D

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