How to change the global node icon in Nova?


Is there a setting somewhere, like you added for the light switch? If not then please consider it.
Or do I have to do it in extra.less somehow?

I have read these instructions for different node icons for each node:

I do not want to have different node icons for each node, but want to globally replace the default icons.


Pixel Exit Staff
I suppose it would be nice top change those.... :)

Style properties -> Node/forum list -> Read/unread node icon. the default set to comments. You can use any icon you want, just don't use the fa- prefix on it.


Pixel Exit Staff
Something like this in extra.less should change the icons:

.node-subNodeFlatList .subNodeLink.subNodeLink--forum:before  { .m-faContent("\f27a "); }
.node-subNodeFlatList .subNodeLink.subNodeLink--forum.subNodeLink--unread:before  { .m-faContent("\f4a3"); }

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