Pixel Exit Staff
Should be:

[data-template="EWRporta_articles_index"] .p-breadcrumbs {
    display: none;


Pixel Exit Staff
I'd suggest you not doing this because hiding content or snippet elements using css can trigger a manual penalty from google.
They're not hiding a div containing a bunch of keywords to abuse any SEO. Hiding simple elements like this which in his case had a single home link I don't think will matter at all. You're referring to "cloaking", which this is not.!topic/webmasters/zB0Gqjajfis;context-place=topicsearchin/webmasters/display$3A$20none$20penalty


Hiding simple elements like this
It is not exactly a simple element. It is a rich snippet. even if contains only a single home link which means that the home page can be penalized.

I was trying for about a month to recover from penalty when I realized that I should stop hiding our breadcrumb (bottom page). I just followed this suggestion.


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