I am new to Xenforo (I have it like for 7-8 days) and I would like to know how to safely upgrade new Zipped theme.

Can anyone post a step by step instruction?

Here is how my current Styles look, but I am unsure of what to do next?
What should I delete, what should I export, what should I import etc.


Its better to ask than to mess something.
Always better to ask :).

When upgrading any XenForo style always always export your setup first. So Export XenBase/Zipped/Zipped Child in this case.

Next import and overwrite the new XenBase.

Next import and and overwrite the Zipped style.

All updates trickle down to your custom style keeping your changes in tact.
Thanks @Russ. I followed your instructions.
It seams to work as my footer is reset now.

But I still see XenBase 1.4.3 in my styles instead of 1.4.4 is this normal or not?

Edit :
I am now also getting this error message
Sorry I am new to XF and all this seams really new and complicated, I hope you can help me out.
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No worries, showing the 1.4.3 is normal, we ditched the version numbers on the style names because XenForo doesn't update that on a style override.

Try clicking that "Merge Changes" on the right side of Zipped.
Can you open the navigation template and replace the entire thing with the attached TXT file.

then hit SAVE AND EXIT, let me know if that works(was too large to paste here).
Nah don't worry about the folders unless you tell you to on an upgrade. We avoid file changes as much as possible, and usually only do it if font awesome gets an update.

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