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This will be an on-going thread on how to do certain things with Frag Zone.

How to change the background

The background uses a script called backstretch which will stretch and image to fit most resolutions.
To change it simply browse to Style Properties -> [XB] Options, at the bottom:


By default we've included: bgcod.jpg // bgtf.jpg // bgbf.jpg

How to change the primary teal color

Browse to your color palette and adjust @secondaryMedium

How to add new navigation icons

First you'll want to find an icon you wish to use for your navigation link, it should be 32 x 32, you can open styles/fragzone/xenforo/sources/navhome.png for reference. For consistency sake save it navNAME and upload it into that directory(sources)

Next you'll need to find your navigation selector by viewing the source code. For example home, portal and forum are...

.navTabs .navTab.forums .navLink
.navTabs .navTab.home .navLink
.navTabs .navTab.portal .navLink

So in extra.css you'll add:

.navTabs .navTab.YOURTAB .navLink {
background: url("styles/fragzone/xenforo/sources/navICON.png") no-repeat scroll center 10px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

And you're done, if you need help finding an icon just post a request on the forums here
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Pre-Sale Questions

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