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Got the Flat Awesome - and the name is right - awesome is the right word - glad I took that road. Have it installed, did some setup (man, so many options :wacky:).

My XF install is almost stock - I only have Sonnb's Xengallery added. That add-on add 2 further icons in the editor - but after install of Flat Awesome - they looks weird now - see this:

I'm not sure if this have anything to do with Flat Awesome - but this happens after install..

Do you have any hints to me - where to look, what to alter etc?

Thanks in advance

So is an image appearing when you hover the icons? Try this in extra.css:
html .redactor_toolbar li a:hover { background-image: none !important; }

If that doesn't work I'll need a login via a support ticket to take a look.

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