I am using the Flat Awesome + theme on our site (the staff loves it!), and had a question. I don't know if I am missing something in the style properties, or if it is a feature to suggest.

To me, the text next to the icons in the private controls and public controls under a post or message seems redundant. Right now we have this:


What would be neat is to have this instead, with no labels next to the icons:


For the +Quote link, I could see using two FontAwesome icons for that:


...but I did not yet investigate where, in the code, to insert that if I decided to make that change.

I am only asking this in Support for now since I don't know if there is a setting I have missed that might turn this feature on or off. In addition, is there a way to turn the icons off so that only the text remains? I am making an alternate child theme that will lose some of the icons (for the older members who can't quite grasp iconography ;) ).

If this isn't implemented, I could repost this in Suggestions. I could probably add something myself (it would just be sets of {xen:if} conditionals around the elements) but would have to reapply it with each theme update.
We add them via CSS rather than inline html so for the most part you'll need to edit the template: post. Essentially replace all of the phrases with FA icons.

Additionally this would work on the privateControls, but adding this to your extra.css kind of does the trick:

.privateControls .item {
    width: 23px;
    overflow: hidden;
    height: 23px;

Private controls being the left side.
Thanks Russ!

I want to have it be a "switchable" option, so if I can't do it in the theme, I may create a custom field and let users enable the label text on their own. Then I could put those phrases within conditionals. Let me see what I can come up with.

Maybe I will enter a suggestion here, to add these as theme options in future versions. ;)

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