If you want an old skin redone on xenForo 2, hire PixelExit.

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Carlos, Jan 23, 2018.

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    I acquired a large gaming community in 2015, and completed the acquisition a year later. I asked Russ to redo this design that was on DestroyRepeat...


    As I loved, am addicted to that design. Thing is, when you acquire a website that was addictive to you, you must love that website. I loved Destroy Repeat. It was active, it was beautiful, it was inviting. It had everything going for it. It only needed an owner that paid attention to the site.

    I bought it, the problem is - the site stopped using the design as new xenForo iterations were released. There is an adage: "Don't fix what ain't broke." If users loved what you were offering, don't fix it. The owner relaunched on a light theme, but it wasn't inviting.

    I've known Russ since the beginning of xenForo. I said to myself: "I'd hire him in a heartbeat." I've been talking to Russ since November. I told him; start with xenForo 2. I do not want to do two designs (XF1 > XF2). I gave him no time-limit on working on the skin. Take your time, Russ. Take your time.

    2 Months later, voila. A preview:


    Russ wasn't satisfied with the design. He went back to the drawing board. I liked the design, but it needed a little wee bit work. He came back with a better header/navigation, and something else to boot. He added a welcome notice that isn't the stock XF2 notice, and he also added hover-over nodes, which was a beautiful touch, you would have to see it for yourself to love it. :)

    I launched the new design, and a few users love it!


    It's an old design, but Russ gave it a refreshing new feel. He was very adamant about keeping the skin feel like a million bucks. And anything I wanted him to do, he was on the job.

    See Russ's work for yourself! It's time to DestroyRepeat!

    Destroy Repeat!

    Destroy Repeat!
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    Russ and Steve do amazing work. Site looks great @Carlos.
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