Not sure if this is something you can help with but figured I'd ask here just in case:

What I'd like to do is disable the XenPorta option to display the Home tab but copy the sub-nav links over to the FlatAwesome settings so that the FA icon is selected and those links display under it. What would be the best way to achieve this?
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So 2 things, you'll want to go to: Options -> Basic Board Information, remove the Home Page URL.

Next open navigation:

You'll need to replace:


<i class="fa fa-home"></i><

It's the first instance of it under the: <!-- extra tabs: home -->


Should make it so the home text is replaced by the icon allowing for the dropdown to still work.

Our option only replaces the default Home link.


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To hide the duplicate link in mobile you could just use CSS for this one:

.xbOffCanvasList .navTab.home { display: none; }

Although... if you removed the url from the home page it should of removed it via the mobile menu too, I'll look on our dev site a little closer.

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