Ok, I have enabled custom icons for all of my forum nodes but the 40px x 40px icons are cut off on the left and bottom. Is there something I can change so that the 40x40 icons are perfectly positioned?

Ideally I would like to see the whole icon with a small space around them...

Are you using images for each forum or font awesome?

Also just a heads up your font on the site isn't loading properly. By default Frag Zone uses Roboto and is called from google.com/fonts

Looks like you changed your fonts to Lato/Droid without updating the google font link.

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Hey Russ

Yes, the icons are images. As you can see from this screenie, the icons are being cut off on the left side and bottom (the images are centralized within the 40x40 icon).


If you need a login, just let me know.

Thanks for the heads-up on the font. As I don't quite know what to change, to make it work properly, I have reverted the setting to default.
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Without seeing the site, it could be shifting it using a background position, if each node is a single image(not a sprite) make sure it's set to 0 0 for the background position.

You can also try adjusting the width a little:

Style Properties -> Node Icons

By default it's set to 36px 36px which is more than likely the issue.
Hm. I can't seem to get them centred properly...maybe I should look at making them into a spritesheet.

On the fonts, the default isn't popular amongst my test group so is it easy to change back to what I had? Properly this time, of course! :p

Primary Font-Family  'Droid Sans',sans-serif

Secondary Font-Family  'Lato',sans-serif

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