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  1. WoodiE

    WoodiE Well-Known Member

    On one of my forums I run the UI.X framework and one feature I really like is the ability to easily change individual node icons using Font Awesome icons:


    I think it would be nice to have this same type of option in PixelExit's framework. Thanks for considering it!
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  2. Steve

    Steve Designer

    It would require an add-on to do that as they have. Something we are not entirely sure about doing this late in the 1.x series. Maybe something for XF 2.0 though.
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  3. WoodiE

    WoodiE Well-Known Member

    @Steve, Understand. Thanks for considering this in a future release.
  4. Russ

    Russ Designer

    And for reference for anyone who wants to know, getting unique icons on each node is really easy with the font awesome node icons enabled:

    Copy Source
    .node_98 .nodeIcon .fa:before { content: '\f0e6'; }
    .node_77 .nodeIcon .fa:before { content: '\f188'; }
    .node_11 .nodeIcon .fa:before { content: '\f059'; }
    Of course reference the CSS sheet:

    Not a way out of the suggestion just showing how to do it :D

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