Is using a vps hard?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ozm8ey, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. ozm8ey

    ozm8ey Registered

    My website has been running slow at random times, i have asked my host and they said its either a script related error or because im using shared host. they said if i use vps it could eliminate that problem but im worried its going to be setup. Like sometimes i'd be trying to do something like load a page then it'll just sit there loading for like 20 secs then it'll come up with time out errors both on the internet browser and xenforo acp error log
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    No using VPS isn't hard get a fully managed VPS. I have three of my sites on VPS and one on shared hosting I have never seen mine take more than a couple of seconds to load when I go in to the ACP. Your host may have that shared server almost maxed out before you go to a VPS I would see if switching hosts may be a better idea.
  3. bosss

    bosss Well-Known Member

    @ozm8ey try to increase PHP memory usage on your shared host, @Ruby have right - maybe changing host should help you.
  4. ozm8ey

    ozm8ey Registered

    Im changing host. i got a vps and same shit happened. After that i though ok maybe they're right its my addons, etc but i deleted absolutely everything and did a fresh install of xenforo and new mysql database. Same crap happened, errors, slowness, etc then i went of signup on their forums and it said you're a known spammer and have been denied registration. like wtf. im not even gonna mention their name but would avoid it at all costs. So now i lost my hours of work 40+ forum members and feel depressed. Worse thing is they will always say its you but in reality its their fault and the fact that you cant put localhost as mysql host name is proof that the mysql isn't away from the servers which makes it even worse./
  5. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    Something doesn't seem right have you started a ticket on Xen Foro?
  6. ozm8ey

    ozm8ey Registered

    nah i raged and cancelled everything. im just gonna try and find a new host and start fresh. also i see lots of other people complaining about them and it seems they're good for hosting wordpress but not so much for forum software

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