Under the avatar, where you have all the stuff listed like: Website, Likes, Posts, Location, etc., the arrow doesn't seem to do anything when clicked. I tried this on all of my Pixel Exit styles but am starting to wonder if it's an error brought on by something screwed up in a file somewhere within the XenForo mainframe. Can anyone help shed light on this?

I already reinstalled the 2.0.8 and 2.0.9 patches, twice. Doesn't seem to fix anything on that end.
Do you have: xb_message.less edited by chance?
Also, does it work on the parent style?

We use a basic toggle function with custom CSS to achieve this. I see on your site that the JS is actually working but the css isn't loading.

It could be a variety of things... but let me know about the above 2 items. I may need a login via a support ticket to research further.
Yeah, I did finally figure out how to make the JS work (there was another theme's framework interfering with ALL my skins like this, so I had the offending culprit banished.) As for the CSS not loading, I have no idea. As for the other question, no, I did not edit anything in xb_message.less. It says DO NOT EDIT, so I never touch the parent styles. ;)

No worries though; if I have to re-install the theme, I will - or I'll just wait for the next major update, it's no big. :D

Thanks for your feedback, Russ!

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