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Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by Hayden S, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Hayden S

    Hayden S Registered

    Hi there! I would like to know if I buy a custom website, how much will it cost, and when will I be able to purchase it? And also, it is a one-time payment, correct?
  2. Hayden S

    Hayden S Registered

    Sorry, one more thing.. What if I have another website using www.zinconix.net? Could a moderator tell me when the website is ready and I can get rid of my old website?
  3. Russ

    Russ Designer

    That field is optional just so we can view your current site. You will not need to update it as it's a one time form.

    Regarding pricing of work, it really all depends on what type of work you're after, best thing to do is submit the form and we can discuss it then.
  4. Loki013

    Loki013 Registered

    Do you guys do other things besides styles? Besides the visual/look stuff? I'm new to running my own forum, and decided to go with Core to start and wondered what other types of add-ons you guys do. I really love the clean look of your work, do you do things like "rep" too?
  5. Steve

    Steve Designer

    We have some add-ons but nothing for rep. TS3 Integration, Tickets, Admin Center, FOrum Statistics and Gamer Profiles are the main add-ons we have.
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  6. Loki013

    Loki013 Registered

    I don't want rep, it was just an example. I've seen forums with these tags (labels) in front of threads. If a user clicks the tag, it will display only those threads with that tag. I want something along the lines of a user being able to select which labels they would like displayed. If they hated Politics, uncheck a box and the threads are gone type of thing. An Admin would also be able to check another box for them it would just be gone and they wouldn't have a choice.
    Is that the kind of thing that I would submit as a custom order for you to consider in more detail and come up with a price, or is that type of thing not something you guys do? Do you know of a reputable developer/company that does do those type of add-ons. The stuff I'm thinking of is mostly user posting experience type stuff. Better more specific ignore type features, being able to block people from threads they've made. It's just for a smaller hobby type forum, and I was just wondering where to start if I want to do any of that type customization.
  7. Steve

    Steve Designer

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