Just super awesome work. From pixel exit



I just wanted to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT!!! To @Russ for his professionalism, creativeness and coding.

I wanted a design for my forum to look different, so I asked around and got some raving reviews about pixelexit.com that’s @Russ :)

So I emailed him and started a conversation about getting some work done. He told me upfront it would be 2 weeks since he was busy on other projects. So I waited patiently and then we started. I gave Russ an idea of what I wanted and he worked with me sometimes until 1-2am making sure the layout was correct etc. and but did he ever do a great job. Even after all was finished. I still needed some little things I wanted and he went above and beyond to help me. His prices are awesome for the design you will get. At first I saw some of the layout and thought man ?? But that was just for the layout of the page so he can start on the actual design.. ;)

Then he started working on the actual design and gave me a preview and I was like HOLLY SHAZAM. that is awesome.

So I assure you this man knows his stuff and will for sure please you with his work. I am really happy I waited for PixelExit ( Russ ) to get my design I wanted. It was completed on time and with professionalism, fast replies to my questions and changes I wanted.

Russ you sure do deserve this rant, and more.

so for anyone looking for any type of theme work on your site or a new theme design... This man is the King of coding themes. !!!!

Thank you so much Russ for your work and patience with me on this project. Totally appreciate your work and appreciate you as a person as well.


Spiro G.
ok just so you can see his work here is the website, mind you I just started and almost done ( moving into a new house) so still not 100% committed to the site but will be soon.

@Russ does wonders and is a pleasure to work with

thanks again Russ !!!
Agree with OP - Russ is just a genius and am very happy with all his work / effort. If you are on the fence then don’t delay buy today !

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