I've had a couple folks needing manual approval for the account because the email didn't go out. I'm getting theeails from the contact form and thread reply alerts myself.
Make sure you use something along the lines of MandrillApp for sending emails (it supports smtp and signed emails) that way you dont end up in spam filters by accidents.

There appears to be a problem with our actual mail server as the emails aren't even getting to the junk folder :D.
I still swear by mandrill as a service. Have since i started using it in IP.Board, and i took it with me over to XF.

It appears that's more marketing based? Or regular every day emails?

We're having problems even sending a manual email to one person, gets rejected instantly. I'll send from my pixelexit email to my personal email, gets Mailed delivery failed instantly.

Works the other way though personal to business.
You have a set amount of emails per hour, and a maximum per month (on the free plan). With a few dns settings it sends signed emails for your domains, DKIM and SPF.

The monthly limit is 12000 emails and I've never had a failed email since starting using it. Other than delayed emails the first day or two because it had to adjust the hourly allowance to prevent it being used for "spam".
If you want me to have a quick look though, just forward me that mailerdemon failure you're getting when sending from your personal and ill have a look. I have some experience with dealing with that sort of thing.
Appreciate that, our host is looking into the ticket for now so we'll see where that goes. I might hit you up for some help on that mandrill however :), thanks again.

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