Hi, sorry in advance for the length of this post!

I have noticed since enabling the floating navigation feature in Core and Splash (which I didn't even know was there until just recently) that the "latest" links on the discussion boards list (forum home) as well as links on New Posts page and even links on alerts that reference a specific post will not take you to the first unread post or target post on a thread, but rather 3 or so posts shy of that target, requiring the user to scroll up or down the page to get to the actual target post.

I have about a dozen styles installed and I first noticed this on Audentio's UI.X and Class styles, which also have this "sticky navigation" (as they call it) feature. I thought it was just their styles that had this issue but then I found your version of this same feature and enabled it in Core and Splash and those styles also began to have the same issue.

All my other styles go directly to the target post every time when clicking on these links, and Core, Splash, UI.X and Class also work properly, too, if you turn off the "sticky navigation" or "floating navigation" feature, so it looks like something to do with how that feature is implemented or maybe it is even something to do with XF 1.3.0. The 3-posts-shy behavior is repeatable in other browsers as well (Chrome, Firefox), and also happens independent of zoom level, so it doesn't look to be browser-related as far as I can tell.

I've queried Audentio about this but have received no response from them yet. I figured I'd let you know, too. I'm hoping you or Audentio can find a way to correct this behavior, as I've gotten several complaints from members about it, to the point that I've had to disable the floating/sticky navigation feature on these styles. Thanks!
Hey @bluemartian thanks for contacting us, I haven't been able to re-produce the 3 post prior behavior yet, I will say this... the current implementation what I have in regards to not covering up anchor links is not the ideal end result.

It's rather hard because I can't assign specific anchor link positions for posts due to the way XenForo is setup so currently it's coded to basically shift the entire window up the height of the floating navigation.

I'll keep trying to re-produce your problem, the floating navigation is very advanced with a lot of coding done to it, so I hope I can find a solution for you soon.

Do you have a URL where it's happening for you.

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