I am a new user to XenForo and PixelExit themes and converting a vBulletin site.

I've installed the Bolt parent and started building a light child them. I then added the Bolt Dark theme and the light bulb. Got all that working

When you have similar content in the header and footer, what is the easiest way to have it show in either style? Do you have to cut/paste into each style (seems to be a lot of work) or is there a best way of doing this? I've spent about 3 hrs styling the light version and now the new dark style is the default settings and not showing any of my edits.

Did I miss something somewhere?
Hello, assuming your Bolt dark is a child of the style of the style you're putting the edits in, it should trickle down.

Do you have the dark as a child style?
I have Bolt theme as the parent. Under it, I have two child themes, Light and Dark. Should the heirarchy be Bolt Parent then Light child and then Dark as a child of the Light theme

If that is the case, can I just change the parent in the Dark settings and it will correct itself or do I need to start over.

Would you be able to post a screenshot of your Appearance -> Styles screen?

This setup would work:

  • Bolt - Parent ( DO NOT EDIT)
    • Bolt Light (majority of your custom edits go here
      • Bolt Dark, your edits trickle down to this style and you may need to make manual adjustments

You should be able to import the Bolt dark CHILD style as a child of your main style and it should help.
your wording in the initial reply led me to believe I had the heirarchy incorrect. This is a clip of the way I initially set it up:

I reconfigured to make the dark style a child of the light style and that solved the issue.


Thanks, might want to add this to your setup notes for us newbies

Again, thanks


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