Okay. This is really not much a styling question, as much as I'm hoping someone will know how to augment XF code... What I'd like to do is limit the character count of the "Latest" post shown in the main forum index:


So instead of showing that long title Xen Bbcode Test... Xen Bbcode Test... Xen Bbcode Test... Xen Bb... with the ellipsis - I would like to show a maximum of 40 characters like Xen Bbcode Test... Xen Bbcode Test... Xe...

And I know you can edit .node .nodeLastPost width as a bit of a work-around. But is there perhaps an easy way to make it so that the character count is limited to 40 characters for ALL latest posts listed?


Thanks @Russ.

I actually tried modifying that particular bit of css a few days ago and it simply didn't work. So I thought maybe editing actual code files would help resolve the issue. Interestingly enough - I come back from the weekend and see that the css edit works just fine. It's odd. I think my browser (for some odd reason) was showing the old css as a cached thing instead of the newly revised code. But it seems fixed now.

Thanks for your reply ;)


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