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Is it possible to have a list over x amount of last posts displayed at the location I want on the front page?
Instead of having users pressing "new posts" button, but rather show the top ones straight away.

Of course it would be beneficial if I can choose the location of this block my self :)
XenForo by default has a New Post widget, or you can use widget framework which has both new posts and threads.

I tried using Widget Framework, but the hook i used placed the "new threads" on all my pages. Which basically ruined the whole thing. I just needed it on the front page. Also, seemed buggy as avatar images didnt even display on those posts.

Default New post widget, on right side correct? But what if I wanted that on top or middle of the front page?
Hmm never had an issue with WF before. As for the default block placement you would need to move the call to it, which I think is in the forum_list template.

Going to move this to customer support section.
You could just manually create a new hook in the template where you want it and also place a conditional around it if you wanted too.

<xen:hook name="custom_new_posts" />

Then the position would be: hook:custom_new_posts

Also in regards to the conditional... something like this

<xen:if is="{$contentTemplate} == 'forum_list'"><xen:hook name="custom_new_posts" /></xen:if>

Would limited it just to forum_list, of course depending on the template/location you may not need a conditional.

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