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It looks like with the recent changes brought out a bug. If you have no content in the right side where the visitor area goes such as the quick search of the "enable login in nav bar" the responsive menu is broken while logged out.

For now you can open navigation_visitor_tab and wrap the entire HTML around a conditional:

<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
html here
Do not wrap this portion:

<xen:edithint template="navigation.css" />
Additionally if you enable:

Style Properties: Login Bar -> Enable Navigation Bar Login

That would work too.


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I ended up changing up the way we had our code quite a bit in regards to the visitor tabs area. I found a few instances where the Navigation Login link wasn't working if a combo of options were checked such as the user panel / top user bar.

So... this is adjusted and should be working perfectly in responsive for the next XenBase release.
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